RFP 2020 Process and Information 

RFP Submission Extension Date

Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging Is extending the Request for Proposal (RFP)

Applicant submissions deadline:

March 6, 2020.

ALTSD approved this extension due

To the time constraints placed on the process

for all providers and all Area Agencies on Aging

Request For Proposal

RFP Q&A 1/22/2020

  1. Are units of service and person served estimates no longer required for sub services (home delivered, weekend or evening meals)?

    1. Applicant should include units of services for all meals including these subservices. Make sure all services are accounted for in units proposed.

  2. On pg. 5 of 24 item E funding availability, what is total amount of funding available for provision of services for seniors in New Mexico?

    1. There is a chart outlining this information on the website.

    2. See link here

  3. Please define local resources, does federal funding include NSIP and SEP?

    1. No. This Request for Proposal does not include NSIP or SEP—the request for proposal is only looking at federal and state dollars. NSIP and SEP are separate contracts

  4. Is the operations budget in the excel workbook intended to be prepared for each service or as a total?

    1. Present the operations budget as a total for all services

    2. Consolidated programs may find it more convenient to present operations budget for each program they run for example if the applicant provides services in more than once county.

  5. Do nutrition education units apply to staff who receive nutrition training?

    1. No, definition state unit reimbursement is intended to be applied to participants of the senior programs.

  6. Are these questions going to be sent out to providers?

    1. Yes, questions will be posted on the website, and a constant contact will be sent out as well.

  7. The emails I receive are being sent to an incorrect email, who can I reach out to fix this?

    1. Reach out to the procurement Manager, Marcia Medina.

  8. On the workbook—Where are admin costs meant to be put? Is it meant to be separated by service?

    1. When doing operational costs include admin within total.

    2. The workbook has tabs, on the third tab of the workbook is where the operational budget is located.

  9. Will the Area Agency on Aging be separating out our federal dollars for this request for proposal process?

    1. Yes, however, at this point we are looking at the big picture. We ask that you include your true cost of service. Dollars will then be negotiated at the end of the RFP process.

    2. The idea is to see the true operations cost, if there is a reason where it makes sense to split out costs then, do so.

    3. The spreadsheet does not list out every cost. Include all costs not included in the spreadsheet in the other category. If necessary, use additional pages and label them with the applicant name and proposed service area.

    4. We want to see the actual cost it takes to run your program, including costs that may not be covered as of now by AAA

  10. Does the other category include in-kind?

    1. No, include in-kind in the local contributions category.

    2. Figure cash value of in-kind and indicate that costs are local resources.

  11. Is there a flat budget for federal and state dollars, if so, do we just include our former budget?

    1. Yes, the budget for federal and state dollars is flat. However, we are asking you to provide actual operational costs, regardless of the flat budget.

  12. For our unit costs we start fresh—We do not have to base our costs off our old negotiated unit costs?

    1. Correct. Figure out your true cost of service, subtract local contributions from that, and that difference should act as a baseline for what the cost of service per unit should look like.

  13. If we believe that out local resources are unsustainable and may be reduced, how do we factor this into our negotiations?

    1. Base your negotiations on local resources currently committed. If you believe the local government is providing an unsustainable amount, note it in the narrative form.

  14. Should the operations budget in the workbook demonstrate the cost of all services combined or all expenses combined?

    1. The Operations budget should include all expenses combined. Provide us your true cost, not tied to current unit rates.

  15. Is there someone we can contact for more technical assistance?

    1. Yes, please email all questions to the procurement manager Marcia Medina (marciam@ncnmedd.com). The question period is open until January 31st.

  16. Is program income included in local services?

    1. No. Program income should be included in the local contributions section of the operational costs.

  17. When including positions and salaries of employees, should we break down each salary with federal, state, and local contributions?

    1. We do not need a full breakout of local resources for each employee. Instead we ask that you include the total amount of local contribution funds that help pay all employees.

  18. How do we account for volunteers?

    1. Include them in local resources.

  19. What time period should the operational budget consider?

    1. One fiscal year.

  20. Is the two year plan replacing the four year plan?

    1. Yes.

  21. Is there a required local match for this request for proposal?

    1. No.

  22. If our files are too large to send in a single email how should we proceed?

    1. Send multiple emails detailing it as email 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.

  23. If we do not know the commitment of local funds we are going to receive how do we proceed?

    1. Indicate in the narrative that the commitment of local funds has not been provided. Please indicate that the necessary documents will be submitted once that negotiation is completed.

  24. Should we incorporate both local income and in-kind in the workbook?

    1. Yes.

  25. In the budget workbook, do we put in the proposed budget and services tab what we really need to operate at full capacity, and in the operational tab what it takes to currently operate our budget?

    1. Yes, we realize that many programs are already not serving the largest population they could due to budget constraints. In the proposed budget and services tab please provide the budget needed to serve at full capacity. In the operations tab please provide to us what is needed currently to operate your program.

  26. If we need additional staff should we list that in the operational budget?

    1. Yes, we also ask that you list the positions needed.

  27. Are the small numbers, 1, 2 and 3 in the heading significant in anyway?

    1. No.

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