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Adelante Senior Meals - Program Manager 

Program Manager Adelante Senior Meals in Dona Ana County is looking for a Program Manager. This position monitors contractors as necessary for contract compliance in all areas of food service, delivery, and program development. Will provide direction, coordination, technical assistance, and training, to contractors in an effort to improve services or delivery and/or contract compliance, as necessary. Assists the Regional Director and AAA Director, to develop program policies, as necessary. Develops and reviews legislative and capital outlay requests. Provides guidance in area of direct purchases of services and develop or revise assessment tools as deemed necessary for long-term care, financial, and contract compliance. Will schedule and coordinate public hearings annually. Will recruit local advisory council members from the community and senior population. Work with the advisory council to assist them in understanding program roles. Assist contractors in the development of effective skills. Provides leadership, supervision and direction of agency staff, kitchen volunteers, and drivers/volunteer drivers. Supervisory duties include completing performance evaluations, initiating disciplinary actions, recommendations for hiring and terminating staff, provides training and guidance. Investigates and resolves complaints between staff, seniors, community members, and APS referrals. Ensures staff’s training requirements are current; ensures staff is scheduled for required trainings and re-certifications on a timely basis; provides on-site training to staff, and program participants as required; ensures established safety policies and procedures are followed. Maintains positive working relationships and professional level contacts with individuals or entities providing services for seniors in order to coordinate and maximize efficient services, including staff, volunteers, and private and/or corporate entities. Attends Advisory Council meetings. Serves as liaison between the agency, local and county officials, and the county commissioners and attends community meetings as needed. Attends/conducts various meetings as required; provides information on program as appropriate to visitors, and others as the need arises. Document all activities for reporting purposes and prepare reports. Provide current information to Supervisor as necessary. Make formal presentations as requested. Performs other duties as required